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The Center at High Falls Visitor Center Exhibits

Power of the People Interactive Exhibits
Learn about the contributions of famous Rochesterians

Power of Ideas

Hiram Sibley
Kate Gleason
Chester Dewey
Susan B. Anthony
James Gould Cutler
Sister Hieronymo O'Brien
Lewis Swift
Daniel Powers
George Eastman
George B. Selden
Frederick Douglas
John Jacob Bausch
    & Capt. Henry Lomb

Power of Arts

Josiah Bissell
Claude Bragdon
Augustine Dauby
Frank E. Gannett
Lewis Henry Morgan
George Ellwanger
    & Patrick Barry
Henry A. Ward
Henry O'Reilly
Howard Hanson
George L. Herdle
Abelard Reynolds
Andrew J. Warner
    & J. Foster Warner

Power of Water

Seth Green
Junius Judson
Ebenezer Allen
Robert M. Dalzell
Redjacket/The Seneca
Matthew & Francis Brown
Sam Patch
George Motley
Elisha Johnson
Herman Leroy Fairchild
Col. Nathaniel Rochester
Hubert Harrington Warner

Inside the Exhibit Hall


Gleason Lathe

Manufactured in 1890 by the Gleason Works in its factory then located at No. 10 Browns Race, this machine is a water-powered, belt-driven, metal-working lathe. Background picture shows the lathes in the Gleason Works factory.